3 Ways to Use Essential Oils to Purify the Air You Breathe




The massive earthquake combined with many after shocks and the destructive tsunami that Japan has recently experienced has concerned many people worldwide.

Although caused by different reasons, what is happening right now is similar to what happened at Russia’s Chernobyl nuclear energy plant.

A simple and sensible precaution you could take would be to wear an inexpensive dust mask saturated with some Sandalwood Oil while you are outside or traveling. Melrose, Sacred Frankincense, and Purification™ would be the best ones to use, individually, or paired for more protection as suggested below.

Therapeutic grade Essential Oils have powerful air-purifying and DNA-protecting properties. Many 100% pure essential oils can help purify the air you breath and keep your immune system strong to safeguard your body.

You might want to diffuse the following oils, in the rooms of your home or workplace over the next few days and weeks. Diffuse a combination of Melrose, Sacred Frankincense, and a blend of oils called Purification™. Combine the oils in pairs when diffusing (for example, Melrose with Sacred Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense with Purification™). Melrose is a particularly powerful blend because it contains two melaleuca oils that may protect cells from radiation damage, according to a report Penoel in “l’aromath-rapie Exactement”.

Another way you can protect your personal environment would be to burn frankincense resin in your home. Burning frankincense resin is an ancient method that has been used through the centuries to purify the air in people’s homes or workspace.

Taking extra doses of Vitamin C is highly recommended to help keep your immune system strong and able to ward off unwanted air impurities. Now is a good time to up the dose of Vitamin C you are taking. Large doses of Vitamin C can help flush toxins from your system on a daily basis. You want to be sure you are using a powdered Vitamin C that comes from plants, not chemicals, to get the proper results for maintaining your optimal health.

The potential problems go far beyond the immediate impact of this disaster as several nuclear reactors on the eastern coast of Japan have been compromised.

Every day we learn of more problems within the plants that can cause radiation to leak into our atmosphere. When a nuclear energy plant is compromised in such a way it causes radiation to be leaked into the air, the problem goes beyond the immediate surrounding area. This leaked radiation from one or more nuclear reactors has the potential to be carried by air currents around our planet to far away places and affect many environments.

It is greatly appreciated that the authorities are working hard to solving the problems. Many dedicated plant employees are putting their own health and lives at risk in order to repair these reactors and contain the radiation for the good of the people and world, without regard for health damages they are personally incurring.

Still, the true extent of these leaks has not yet been determined. These radiation leaks have the potential to affect people and environments not only in Japan but in various ways and areas around the world.

Everyone needs to keep their immune system strong to prevent long term negative health effects from pollutants that travel by air. It is especially important to give support to one’s immune system when the air is filled with unnatural invisible particles that can threaten one’s health from afar.

There is no “safe” dose of radiation. Understanding that there are potential of health challenges that may occur when exposed to even a small amount of radiation, you might want to take some prudent precautionary steps to protect yourselves and loved ones from potential negative effects of being exposed to possibly radioactive air currents.

Many people have done extensive research on the Chernobyl disaster in the 1980s. During the years after this disaster, they explored the devastating health consequences that radiation exposure can cause. Various approaches to mitigate the radiation have been suggested, including some natural ways to guard against such consequences in the future.